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Cortisone is a chemical (hormone) made by the adrenal gland, and is essential for life. They control allergies, inflammation, and many disease processes. Cortisone is released from the adrenal gland when your body is under stress. Natural cortisone is released into the blood stream and is relatively short-acting .

Cortisone or corticosteroids, are widely used in medicine and cortisone compounds can be applied to the skin in the form of creams, or taken internally by mouth or injection. The synthetic cortisone is designed to act more potently and for a longer period of time (days instead of minutes). Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory medication.When pain is decreased from cortisone it is because the inflammation is diminished. By injecting the cortisone into a particular area of inflammation, very high concentrations of the medication can be given while keeping potential side-effects to a minimum.

Unfortunately, when cortisones are used for many months or years, serious side effects are common. With long-term use, some of the more common side effects of steroids include changes in appearance, such as acne, development of a round or moon-shaped face and an increased appetite leading to eight gain. Steroids may also cause a redistribution of fat, leading to a swollen face and abdomen, but thin arms and legs. In some cases, the skin becomes more fragile, which leads to easy bruising. These take weeks to begin appearing.

Psychological side effects of steroids include irritability, agitation, euphoria or depression. Insomnia can also be a side effect. These changes in appearance and mood are often more apparent with high doses of steroids .

As well an increase in susceptibility to infections may occur with very high doses of steroids. Other side effects that may be caused by the long-term use of steroids include cataracts, muscle weakness, avascular necrosis of bone and osteoporosis.

Steroids reduce calcium absorption through the gastrointestinal tract that may result in osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones. There is also a relationship between steroids and premature arteriosclerosis, which is a narrowing of the blood vessels by fat (cholesterol) deposits.

Our Cortisone side effects support mix includes the herbs Liquorice, Horsetail, Rue , Nettle, Oats, St Johns Wort, Celery, and Juniper, plus the Bach Flower Wild Rose and Mimulus. This mix supports the rebalancing of the adrenal glands and lymphatic systems, stamina and overall wellbeing during a stressful time.



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