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It is important to realise that acne is not a problem which can be fixed permanently by putting things on the outside of your skin. Nor should it be treated with antibiotics. Acne is a process where the body is trying to eliminate toxins by pushing them out through skin. These toxic materials may become infected on their way out, but this infection is really just another way of assisting in the expulsion as it brings the material to a head and to the surface.

There are many traditional treatments that have been used throughout the ages to assist the body expel toxins. Teenage and other acne responds best to blood cleansers, which work through the lymphatic system and the liver. I have chosen a number of the more safe and reliable ones and some hormone balancers. These may help the body deal with the radical hormonal swings experienced around puberty and which can be involved in overloading the body's waste management systems.

The herbs in my standard acne/blood cleanser mix includes Fenugreek, Nettle, Horsetail, Violet Leaves, Echinacaea, Red Clover, Mistletoe, Phytolacca, Chaste Berry and St. Mary's Thistle as well as the Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple.

Drink plenty of pure water to help the kidneys flush properly and reduce to a minimum the amount of snack, junk and oily food to give your liver a rest and speed up elimination. Teas that help include mint, rooibos, ginger, chamomile, rosehip, green and white and nettle tea.

Skin cleansing washes may be helpful to reduce oiliness and skin-healing preparations containing elecampane will reduce scarring. You can also use cold chamomile tea as a mask.

Remember, most long term scarring from acne results from habitual squeezing of pimples. Let them mature and gently scrub your face with a rough cloth while in the shower.

Don't use antibiotics as this only kills the secondary infection and slows down the process of elimination. Long courses of strong antibiotics also damage your liver, your immunity and metabolism generally.

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