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Viral Infections and even the common flu can occasionally leave us without a sense of taste (ageusia) or smell (anosmia). This leads to a dramatic drop in appetite which makes you suddenly realize the important role that our senses play in our digestive system.

Of course it is not life threatening but it is a frustrating disorder because it can affect a persons ability to enjoy food, drink and pleasant aromas. In fact these aromas work together for us to be able to recognise and appreciate flavours .

Cells that sense smell can be damaged or destroyed by serious infections or by radiation therapy, however the most common cause is head trauma as in car accidents when there is severing or destruction of the olfactory nerve.

Taste on the other hand can be diminished by a number of different causes such as a dry mouth, heavy smoking, radiation treatment, and side effects to certain drugs.

To date I have only treated a small number of people with either of these disorders. However in the mix I include Euphorbia , Hypericum, Fenugreek, Horseradish and Mugwort along with the Bach Flowers Walnut, Wild Oat and Clematis. In combination these herbs soothe and heal the mucus membranes as well as put back in balance the cells that smell and taste.

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