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The circulatory system consists of three sets of vessels that run to all parts of your body, the arteries, the veins and the lymphatic system.

  1. The arteries carry fresh oxygenated blood from the heart to feed all the cells of the body.
  2. The veins pick up all the depleted blood that has exchanged its oxygen for the waste products of cell metabolism back through organs like the Kidneys, Liver and Spleen to clear out these waste products and return the purified blood to the heart.
  3. The Lymphatic System picks up other waste products and toxins along with fluids that lead from cells and from blood vessels and returns this material to the Venus system so these fluids also may be purified.

Oedema, sometimes spelt Eedema, simply describes a condition where fluid accumulates in the tissues of the body often in the hands, lower legs and feet and it is due to inefficiencies in the Lymphatic System and the healthy functioning of our Kidneys.

Our Lymphatic System is a very important part of our immune system and its health and efficiency depends largely on exercise and how well we are able to resist illness.

Purely and simply the lymphatic system does not have a pump to drive the fluids back up the body to our chest area and if we don’t move about sufficiently the lymphatic system dump its fluid content and waste products back into the blood stream for cleansing.

This is why standing up all day at work or sitting in a car or aeroplane causes swollen ankles and hands in some folk.

Healthy Kidneys need lots of healthy fluid taken into the body to assist in washing out toxins through the urinary system and one form of neglect is not drinking enough healthy fluid.

Relying on the water in Coffee, Tea or Coloured and Flavoured drinks is kidney abuse. Actually so is drinking too much cows milk or fruit juice as the milk carries huge amounts of fat and the fruit juice too much acid.

Kidney abuse also is not drinking enough of anything or not drinking regularly through the day.

Ideally we should drink plenty of plain water and a variety of herbal teas that support the Liver and Kidneys regularly throughout the day. Ideally also, our urination should be frequent and a good volume during the day and mostly clear in colour which shows we are drinking enough to make the load on our kidneys light. Dark coloured urine is a sign that we are not drinking enough healthy liquid and allowing too many toxins to build up in our bladder and not supporting our Kidneys well enough.

Many folk feel that if they are accumulating fluid in their bodies than a solution might be to drink less. This is completely wrong and understanding Kidney health and how much it depends on plenty of fluid makes it clear that an aid to reducing edema is much more likely to be to drink more fluid rather than less.

The two common herbal teas made from Rosehips and from Dandelion are the most helpful ones to assist in controlling edema.

To assist in the operation of the Kidneys and Lymphatic System to reverse symptoms of edema I prepare a blend of concentrated herbal extracts consisting of Fenugreek, Rosehips, Dandelion, Celery and Juniper and include the Bach Flower remedies Pine, Honeysuckle and Wild Rose.

This mixture taken as a supplement, 20 drops three times a day at a full glass of plain water will ensure your Lymphatic System and Kidneys will work much more efficiently and Edema will be much less of a problem.

Nobody, with too many toxins building up in their system, can enjoy full happiness, mental alertness and physical vitality and neither can they resist illnesses effectively, from the Common Cold to Cancer.

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