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Cystitis is an infection of the bladder and the urethra characterised by itching or burning during urination. The irritation will often be accompanied by urgency and frequency of urination as well...

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Cystitis is primarily a topical infection in that it travels up the urethra and it is more common in females than males as the urethra in the female is shorter and more prone to transmit topical infections because of this and its location within the vulva.

Symptoms of cystitis;

  • Burning when urinating
  • Dark/cloudy urine
  • Frequent urination
  • Fever
  • Abdominal pain
  • Feeling generally unwell
  • A feeling of never emptying bladder

Triggering factors

There are a number of triggering factors commonly involved in Cystitis infections

  • In young girls it can be a contamination of the area with faecal matter due to careless bowel habits.
  • Irritation during sexual intercourse can be involved insofar as an irritation to the tissue close to the urethra opening can attract bacterial infection.
  • There are also cases where the chemistry between the fluids of a couple may produce an irritation, which can lead to a higher incidence of cystitis between particular partners than with other partners.
  • Anal sex exposes a male to significantly higher incidence of cystitis or non specific U.T.I's (Urinary Tract Infections).

I point out to all my patients that throughout the ages reproductive system and urinary tract health were a preoccupation of all herbal practitioners in all cultures and there is a vast body of knowledge and experience in those herbs and practices, which can assist in curing simple topical infections like cystitis.

McDowells Recommendation

Fluid intake is a critical factor in flushing infective agents from the urinary tract. Regular urination can help flush bacteria from the urinary tract to prevent and improve the infection.

Teas were made up of all sorts of dried herbs and utilised for this purpose.

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that are consumed through food or supplements. They can promote a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut.

Warm baths can be helpful if you are experiencing pain.

McDowells Products

Cystitis Mix

A mix to support repair of the Urethra lining, and fight infection. It contains Alfalfa, Buchu, Dandelion, Corn silk, Garlic, Rosehips, Uva Ursi and Yarrow, along with the Bach Flower Remedies :-Crab Apple, Impatiens and Rescue Remedy. Maintaining a course of three doses daily will, over a short period of time will quickly clear a case of Cystitis and a prolonged follow-up course will make re-occurrence much less likely. 

Rosehip Tea

Drinking 4 or 5 cups of Rosehips daily (hot or cold) makes an immediate difference to your battle against an attack of Cystitis. You may care to add fresh lemon juice as well to either the Rosehips or Corn silk Tea to provide an astringent tonic to the mucosal lining of the Urethra and provide extra Vitamin C besides.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver was used and proven to be effective against hundreds of disease-causing bacterium by the 1940s. Its action as a broad spectrum antibiotic has never been matched by the modern pharmaceuticals in that it produces no drug resistance whatsoever. Colloidal silver can be used externally. 

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