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The circulatory system is just like household plumbing or the sprinkler system for your garden. If there are any parts of the system where there are blockages or obstructions then there will be a pressure build-up between this blockage and the pump.

The whole of blood passes through the kidneys where impurities are taken out and eliminated through the bladder.

The kidney is a series of physical and osmotic filters and if these filters are under tension or the chemical composition of the fluids involved in the osmotic separation is out of balance there can be a pressure build-up due to the inefficiencies in the system.

One of the main reasons the kidneys don't maintain their health as well as they should, is that they are not provided with enough fluid such as in the case of people who habitually don't drink enough water or other healthy fluid each day.

Another is where people drink too much fluid that has an effect on the structures of the kidney, like those who drink too much tea and therefore have too much tannin in their system that effectively reduces the porosity of kidney membranes involved in osmosis.

When a woman is in the later stages of pregnancy and if she starts out with relatively inefficient kidney function, the extra stress of pressure and of demand on the kidneys to deal with the secretionary demands of a baby, can cause a high blood pressure and toxic blood attack which can be life threatening to both mother and baby.

When I am treating Toxaemia I provide a simple mixture containing the herbs; Rosehips, Celery, Juniper, Equisetum and Alfalfa and Mimulus and Vine in the Bach Flowers. 20 drops of this mixture of concentrated herbal extracts can safely and simply rehabilitate kidney function.

These herbs and simple attention to improving fluid intake can reverse Toxaemia virtually overnight and minimise the intervention that is involved in hospital protocols.

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