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Menier's disease is an inner ear disorder that can include the symptoms of vertigo, nausea, vomitting, hearing loss and tinnitus which maybe intermittent or constant, these symptoms may last from 3 - 24 hours at a time.

Reasons for this disease are many but can include an inadequate blood supply to nerves that run between the inner ear and brain that control equilibrium and balance, or there could be a neurological brain disorder such as MS, tumors, infection. These would usually be accompanied by head aches and slurred speech.

Vertigo is a false sensation of motion or spinning accompanied by nausea and loss of balance causing a feeling of faintness, dizziness and weakness.

Tinnitus is a buzzing, whistling or ringing noise in the ears which may be experienced suddenly and episodically or in a pulsating manner depending on the causes.

Hearing may fluctuate in the effected ear but progressively worsens over the years. Usually only one ear is effected but in 10% of sufferers both ears will be effected.

On an energetic level it may involve a refusal to hear the inner voice as well as experiencing scattered thoughts, feeling completely uncentred and out of balance in relation to the world around.

To return a sense of balance and calm, to support the nerves and blood supply of the inner ear, reduce sensitivity my mix includes Mugwort, Scullcap, Bugle Weed, St Johns Wart, Nettle, Rue, Sage, Euphorbia, with the Bach Flowers Scleranthus, Cerato, Wild Oat, Vine and Walnut.


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