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Hyperacusis is a decreased tolerance to sounds. It can be caused by the nerves of the inner ear that normally amplify soft sounds continuing to amplify moderate and even loud noises. It can also be caused by the lower parts of the brain that control the nerves referred to above.

What ever the reason there is an alteration in the central processing of sound in the auditory pathways.

Hyperacusis could also be associated with a condition known as Misphonia which is a dislike to being exposed to certain sounds . The auditory pathways function normally but because there is a strong reaction from the limbic (emotional system) and the autonomic nervous system to which the auditory system is of course connected the ear responds with incresed sensitivity .

This may in turn develop into a "fear of sounds" called Phonophobia.
Misphonia can lead to Hyperacusis, but usually they occur together in various proportions as a cause for an increased sensitivity to certain sounds.

The mix to address this uncomfortable situation includes Hypericum, Euphorbia, Vervain, Chamomile, Mugwort and Pulsatilla along with the Bach Flowers Walnut, Rock Water, Beech and Vine.

On an emotional level of course it could mean that there is something we don't want to hear. Maybe there is a need to have more personal peaceful times so as to be able to be part of other "noisy" household times.

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