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Blood cleansing was a fundamental strategy of traditional herbal medicine which was ignored until recently by medical science. The idea is that toxins generated by infective agents or even just the metabolism of cells themselves, if not properly processed and eliminated through the kidneys liver or the lymphatic system, can end up being expelled through the skin as in the case of boils or encapsulated as in the case of cysts.

Boils are large tender swollen areas caused by a staphylococcal infection; a white slightly bloody substance can ooze from the boil. They are most frequent on the neck, face and buttocks but are also painful on the ears and nose.

Alternative herbs support the process of expelling toxins. You cannot be wholly healthy if you are carrying a toxic load in your blood or pockets of rubbish stored away in cysts or under the skin somewhere. Many more serious conditions have their origin in an inefficient elimination of toxins.

This blood cleansing mix contains various alternative herbs which are high in iron and sulphur and work through the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system and bowel to detoxify the blood. 

Mixture: Echinacea, Garlic, Horsetail, Nettle, Maritime Pine Bark, Red Clover and Violet Leaves as well as the Bach Flower Crab Apple. This mixture, may in the first week or so make you feel worse as it stirs up elimination processes, but it will certainly make you feel better and your skin clearer within a few weeks.

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