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In my detailed article on the subject of Attention Deficit Disorder or otherwise called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder I explain how I have found the Maritime Pine bark to be an effective aid.

This can only be explained by the fact that this powerful antioxidant supports the immunity against the increasing effects of our 21st century environmental pollutants.

I strongly recommend to concerned parents that they reject the approach to treating hyperactivity using amphetamines or other drugs which can dampen such behaviours temporarily at best, and offer no long term hope for a cure.

Basically the philosophy behind drug therapy is to manipulate brain chemistry to alter these children's behaviors. This in the hope that the child might grow out of the disorder and have less problems at school. Most parents are horrified to see their kids turned into zombies just so that they may be tolerated by an educational system, which offers very little in the way of dealing with children who are different.

For ADD in girls I prescribe 100% strength Maritime Pine extract along with the Bach Flowers Water Violet, Cerrato, Rock Rose and Impatiens and for boys I prescribe 80% Maritime Pine and 20% Phytolacca with the same Bach Flowers.

A course of my ADD / ADHD mix given three times daily will assist a parent while reducing their child’s dependence on drugs and offer a real option to assist the child to "grow out" of the condition much more rapidly over 6 to 12 months.

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