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Our nose is provided with a lot of very fine walled blood vessels close to the surface for a very specific purpose. This is to pre-heat the air going down into our lungs so that we wont freeze lung tissue even when breathing very cold air indeed.

This is a simple and practical idea and is very similar to the blood vessels, which are very close to the walls of our gut and bowel so that interchange of fluids may take place between these systems and in the lungs so that oxygen may be absorbed directly into the alveoli and thereby into the blood stream.

A child with spontaneous nosebleeds is simply a case where these fragile blood vessels are actually a little too fragile, and they can break with a momentary increase in blood pressure or with sneezing or blowing your nose.

In a child who suffers regularly from this problem, and I have a 15 yr old boy who is in this category, scarring builds up in the walls of these blood vessels where previous bleeds have healed and the inelastic nature of the scar tissue formed causes a weakness at the junction between this tissue and the normal vessel walls, perpetuating the problem.

An occasional nosebleed is nothing to worry about. If it is frequent and severe, you need to worry about blood loss generally in some of these other internal areas where the blood vessel walls are very fragile.

Some cases of childhood anaemia are simply due to this sort of internal bleeding.

The herb Rue directly improves the strength and elasticity of blood vessel walls and the Bioflavonoid derived from Rue (called Rutin) is found in both Buckwheat and in Black Currents.

The mixture I make up to treat spontaneous nose bleeds in children contains the following herbal extracts; Nettle, Rue, Equisetum, Yarrow, Rosehips and Elecampane and provides all that is required to reduce the symptoms, heal up scarring from past episodes, and improve the strength of blood vessel walls in general.

This mix taken at a rate of 10 drops three times daily over the longer term will redress the problem and protect the child from any internal bleeding which could be going on as well.


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