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Amoebic Dysentery is an infection of the large intestine by a single celled parasite called Entamoeba histolytica. This form of dysentery is more likely to spread among institutionalised people with poor sanitation as well as by sexual contact between male homosexuals. It can also be spread by food washed in contaminated water or being prepared by an infected person.

The symptoms of Amoebic Dysentery may be very vague and minimal particulary for those who live in a temperate climate. The attacks are usually intermittent with diarrhea and Constipation, increased flatulance and Abdominal Cramps. The abdomen may be tender to touch and stools may contain mucus and blood.

Long term wasting of the body and Anaemia result.

When trophozoites (the active form) invade the intestinal wall they can cause a large lump or even obstruct the intestine. Abscesses can also form in the liver and be transported in to the blood stream. More serious problems result from invasion into organs or perforations of the intestinal walls.

My mix for amoebic dysentery includes Wormwood, Phytolacca, Gentian, Agrimony, Rhubarb and Garlic which due to there high sulphur and copper content are strong antiparasitic herbs, Aloe Vera and Rosehip for tissue repair , Slippery Elm which soothes and heals the entire Gastrointestinal tract and finally Dandelion to assist the liver to return to a balanced metabolism . These herbs along with the Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, Impatiens, Chestnut Bud and Crab Apple will ensure a recovery from this parasite attack when taken daily for 6 weeks.


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