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Abdominal Cramps may occur in adults and children in a variety of forms for a variety of reasons. Diet, food intolerance, constipation, inappropriate toilet training, genito urinary disorders, intestinal disorders and menstrual pain may all be responsible for some pains...

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Actually more than 10% of school aged children suffer from recurring abdominal pains, but only 5-10% have a physical cause.

However, generally 80-90% of recurring pains have a psychological rather than a physical cause. But none-the-less they are real pains! Emotionally, abdominal cramps indicate that we do not know how to acclimatise to new experiences and are afraid.

Interestingly the further the pain is experienced from the naval the more likely it is to result from a physical cause. Stress and tension are more likely to be the cause of psychological pains. Reducing stress and anxiety as much as possible can bring some relief. Remember to breathe, go walking, do yoga or meditation, have a cup of chamomile tea, do something rhythmical. Chamomile in tea form or extract can very effectively reduce digestive problems and emotional upsets bringing calm and balance to the nervous system.

A mix specifically for Abdominal Cramps with no physical cause includes Chamomile, Gelsemium and Valerian; and the Bach Flowers Mimulus and Aspen.

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