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 The endless quest to get your dog to run faster pre-occupies all Greyhound Owners and Trainers and it fascinates me also. I am neither an owner nor a trainer but I am in regular contact with more than 1500 of you from all around the country and I have therefore a somewhat unique insight into the industry.

I am told for example that since the advent of strict drug testing there is a much more level playing field with many of the larger training establishments which used to dominate the winnings being challenged.

This was most dramatically shown when Billy Binjang and Spirit Master both made it into the $100,000.Golden Easter Egg final in 1993. These two dogs were probably the first in the Country to be on professionally formulated herbal tonics to improve their performance naturally and it was the success in treating these dogs both for their health and performance that got me into the business in the first place..

The mentality of finding a stimulant which doesn't swab still persists and people are now importing and using herbal preparations which work as stimulants in this way. There are lots of Herbs high in Caffeine for example and large doses of Ginseng are being used. Some of these substances will swab. The whole mentality of artificially boosting an animal for a single run is what has to change.

My approach is different. I am concentrating on total health and I have a vast range of herbs available which improve health and performance generally and also for particular systems in the dogs metabolism. I know which herbs will swab and which will not and I have never been tested positive in any of my preparations because there is simply no need to use such stimulants.

Some of the herbs I use in my performance and health enhancement preparations are as follows;

Borage: Is an adrenal and kidney tonic and used to be taken by medieval knights before battle or competition.
Hawthorn: Is a heart tonic which improves the strength of each heart beat and I use it to treat all manner of heart conditions in humans.
Elecampane: Is a lung tonic which improves the power of the lungs and the efficiency of oxygen transfer into the blood. Used originally for treating T.B.
Nettle: Is the ordinary old stinging nettle and is very high in organic Iron easily absorbed to improve blood Iron levels. Ferramo is a very poor substitute for Nettle in my experience.
Rosehips: Used to be given as a tonic to babies in the form of a syrup. It is the very best source of Vitamin C, it is also high in Iron and a Kidney/Adrenal Tonic.
Yarrow: Improves the function of the bone marrow in its production of red blood cells. This makes it a very powerful blood tonic.
Pine Bark: Is the most powerful anti-oxidant known to Herbal Medicine and is immediately effective in improving endurance. (besides being a major immune system herb for Cancers and other serious Immune System Illnesses)                                                                                                                                     
Don't assume that just because some one says it is herbal that it is safe or that it will not swab. Don't assume that if a little of something is good then more will be better (the correct dose levels are very important). Don't give any supplements to your dog unless you know from personal experience that they are making your dogs more healthy. Don't believe 95% of the advertising claims by the major suppliers. Don't deal with people who are not Professional Herbalists (they cannot possibly know what they are doing).                                                                                                                                                    
My standard Greyhound Performance Tonic containing the herbs described above, can be ordered online and dispatched the same day. You should consider putting one or two dogs which are not doing as well as you feel they are able to on this mix, to trial it.