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In harsh weather, extreme cold or heat, a dog's nose and paws can become dry, cracked and sore. Dogs that walk on concrete, pavement, or other hard surfaces like rocks and gravel, can experience irritiation and tenderness. 

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Balms, ointments and creams are a great way to deliver effective and soothing ingredients to your dogs skin. Your dog may show signs of irritation with slow, tender and hesitant walking and/or licking his paws often (usually after a walk). 

Dogs are inclined to lick their paws and around their snouts so it's essential that the ingredients you use are natural and safe! Petroleum-based creams and lotions are not recommended, and creams for humans are often not designed for animal use.

There's a variety of oils and butters that not only provide soothing and moisture, they offer a medicinal properties too.
These include: 

Shea Butter
Shea butter moisturizes and protects skin and it's totally dog-safe when applied topically. Shea butter can be applied in small amounts to paws, noses, elbows, and other dry patches. You can moisturize your hands and your dog's paws at the same time!

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is extracted from mature raw coconuts or dried coconut kernels. The benefits of coconut oil for dog skin problems can be attributed to lauric acid (50% in coconut oil) – no other oil on the planet has this much. It helps with itchiness, rashes and scaly skin in dogs. It can also kill bacteria on the dog's skin (some of which potentially cause skin conditions). 

Hemp Oil
Hemp oil is derived from the hemp plant, cannabis sativa, and contains fatty acids, phospholipids, and antioxidants. Hemp Oil is perfect for pets with allergic reactions and coat problems. Hemp is one oil that contains gamma-linoleic acid, a rare and important fatty acid.

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil is produced from jojoba seeds and known as a 'liquid wax'. Jojoba is a natural fungicide, and has been shown to control bacteria and fungi on the skin. It's a nourishing moisturiser and skin softener.

Mango Butter
Mango butter is a natural emollient is rich in vitamins A, C, and E. The vitamins help to immediately combat free radicals in the skin, which can cause dryness, cracking, and other problems, especially for dogs and their paws.

Essential Oils
Essential oils can be used topically or diffused to help certain health conditions or simply create a relaxing environment. Always choose products made with therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

Helpful hints

Always be mindful of the surface your dog is walking on - doggy boots can help in some instances. Don't let your dog walk on hot surfaces - imagine you're walking barefoot yourself!

McDowells Products

Sore Snout Salve
This balm is for cracked, calloused or dry doggie noses. Specially formulated plant extracts to soothe, moisturise and heal the snout and nose area of your dog. It's made with soothing shea butter, coconut oil, candelilla wax, hemp oil, grapeseed oil, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, jojoba oil, kukui nut oil, vitamin E.

Poor Paw Balm

Our Poor Paw Balm is formulated to soothe, moisturise and heal cracked, calloused or dry doggy paws. It's made shea butter, rich coconut oil, soothing mango butter, cocoa butter, candelilla wax, hemp oil, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, calendula extract jojoba oil, cajeput oil, vitamin E.

These two products contain no parabens, no synthetic dyes or perfumes and are made from 100% plant derived ingredients.