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Cushings Syndrome is an over exposure to corticosteroids either by an over production on the part of the adrenal glands or when administered by a doctor.

An abnormality of the pituitary gland can cause an over production of the hormone that triggers production of corticosteroids.

The adrenal glands themselves may have developed a benign tumor (adenoma), this is relatively common ie half of all people over 70 years have them and it does cause the gland to excessively produce corticosteroids.

The symptoms of Cushings Syndrome affects the distribution of fat so a person may develop a round moon face and a buffalo hump, in contrast hands and feet remain slim, muscles become weak, skin becomes thin and easily damaged and purple stretch marks develop over the abdomen.

In time blood pressure is raised and bones develop osteoporosis as well the risk is raised in developing diabetes, kidney stones and mental disturbances.

My mix includes Maritime Pine Bark, Borage, Liquorice, Rosehips, Poke Root and Elecampane as well as the Bach Flowers Wild Rose, Scleranthus and Water Violet.

On an emotional level the hormone balance represents our get up and go.

Do you have all the ideas and action that you need ?

Maritime Pine Bark

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