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"At one end of the spectrum Breathwork is a psychotherapy - at the other end, it is a timeless spiritual practice. It is quite literally inspirational" - Ann Harrison

Breathwork is a unique modality that, through the use of a certain conscious breathing techniques, truly allows an individual to integrate life's emotional storms and mental confusion.In recent years the field of Breathwork has been developed. Within this field there are different focuses and specialities - psychotherapy, pranayama, qigong, spiritual and shamanic practices.

Awareness of the breath and our different breathing patterns is the key to well being - at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How to create calm - a 1 minute technique

The set up
Start with intention to find that still point. Remember that it is what you have chosen as your goal - the calm centre within you. 
Begin the day with a dedication of your activities to the highest.
Light a candle - say a prayer - or simple say may 'my activities today serve the highest good of myself and others'.

The 1 minute circuit breaker
Use the portal of nature - see a flower or an ant or the sky. Stop. Remember your dedication to the highest.
Concentrate on that aspect of nature you have chosen. It could be in external object or in your mind's eye.
Breathe deeply into your heart
Contemplate and feel the wonder of creation.
Let that feeling of wonder expand our through your body from the still point of your heart.
Dive deeper into yourself and find that stillness within.


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