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It is important to realise that these skin conditions are not a problem which can be fixed by putting products on the outside of your skin. Nor should it be treated with antibiotics. There are many varieties of acne, eczema and psoriasis that the medical industry does not understand. Herbal medicine knows these are all a process where the body is trying to heal and eliminate toxins by pushing them out through skin. It is possible to heal these skin conditions but it takes time and the right approach. There are many traditional treatments used throughout the ages to assist the body expel toxins.

  • Take care of your gut health. Eat beneficial foods to feed the microbiome. Beneficial microbes may soothe inflammation, heal a leaky gut, and balance the immune system. The good news is that beneficial microbes are found in fermented foods and probiotic beverages. These superfoods can restore the microbial ecosystems of the body. Read more about gut healing here
  • One of the best  for good skin health is to always drink plenty of clean, pure, filtered water to help the kidneys flush properly and reduce the amount of snack, junk and oily food to give your liver a rest and speed up elimination.
  • Eat as much organic, unprocessed food as you can. Eliminating pesticides and herbicides goes a long towards removing more of the toxic burdon on our elimination system. Try to eliminate grains like wheat, eggs, dairy, canola products like oil and margarines, soy and corn.
  • Don't use antibiotics as this only kills the secondary infection and slows down the process of elimination. Long courses of strong antibiotics also damage your liver, your immunity and metabolism generally.
  • Try to include as much vegetable and fruit in your diet. Eat more blueberries and raspberries, pears, watermelon, kale and spinach, sprouts and lettuce. Consume more avocado, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and hemp seeds.
  • Teas to include in your diet every day include rooibos, mint tea, rosehip tea, green or white tea, gingle tea, nettle leaf tea and chamomile tea. Avoid all alcohol. If you must drink alcohol, have triple distilled vodka with sparkling water and lemon. Avoid artifical sweetners, as they can disrupt the gut flora. 

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Acne is a process where the body is trying to eliminate toxins by pushing them out through skin. These toxic materials may become infected on their way out, but this infection is really just another way of assisting in the expulsion as it brings the material to a head and to the surface.
The herbs in the McDowells Herbal acne/blood cleanser mix includes Fenugreek, Nettle, Horsetail, Violet Leaves, Echinacaea, Red Clover, Mistletoe, Phytolacca, Chaste Berry and St. Mary's Thistle as well as the Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple.

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Eczema, like many skin disorders, is not skin deep. Eczema is a recurring skin disorder. Flare-ups look like dry, red patches of skin that crust, flake, and can develop into oozing blisters. Many of those affected by eczema begin to show signs during childhood, usually before the age of five. This is when the digestive system is particularly vulnerable. This is also when the microbial ecosystems and immune system of the body are in development.

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Psoriasis is a chronic recurring disease recognizable by silvery scaley patches of skin. Medically there is no known cause but it is thought to be connected to immune mechanisms. The condition often runs in families.
The actual process is an inflammaion of the tiny nerve endings which reach the skin and these nerves in turn, overstimulate the mechanism of skin cell replacement. This causes a thickening of the skin producing extra layers which are forced to come off prematurely.

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