Celebrating Spring at Winterwood Farm with babies! - McDowell's Herbal Treatments

Spring at Winterwood Farm has bought some lovely warm weather and quite a few babies! We've had foals, puppies and human babies and our hands and hearts are certainly full!

WW blossom2

Another new member of the family arrived this morning - Adsila - (Cherokee) blossom!
Blossom is a gorgeous filly foal ( WB/Clydie/SH) born this morning to our wonderful mare Ivy. Just so special!

WW foalsseptember

Our other foals are growing out beautifully and developing friendships with each other. 

WW puppies

Our two pups, Penny Lane and Hey Jude (Beatles fans, what can we say!) arrived and have been gorgeous balls of joy.

We also welcomed our Grandson, Stephan, a few months ago now too!

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