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Tracie wrote,

You have helped us so much before, here's hoping you can again. We have a 12 year old grey galloway, doing excellently in the show ring even representing NSW in Grand Nationals 2004. After the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2003, Banjo developed a very painful and large infected rash around his chest where the front of his rug goes. The site is also extremely hot to touch.

Vet gave him antibiotics and a green ointment called Prednoderm which worked temporarily.
The rash kept appearing vigorously and we unable to rug him. For a special show horse this is devastating!

He is far from a stressy horse. It is as if his blood is too hot. The skin around his neck now seems to have lost its elasticity also. We are looking forward to your help.

Robert Replied,

Dear Tracie,

What a pain for you.

I would recommend giving a course of the Blood Cleanser which needs to be run for a full blood cycle of 12 weeks, with this, symptoms may appear worse at the 5 week mark for a few days, this is normal as the system rids iself of toxins in the blood.

I also recommend giving Rosehip tea in the diet, 2 dessert spoons to 1 litre hot water, cool and mix with feed. For the first 2 weeks I would recommend giving a full litre twice a day with feed then you can maintain this at 1/2 a litre each feed for good.

I also recommend some fresh garlic cloves chopped up into the feed,you can place these into the tea to soften, this is a very good blood cleanser and again this should be a part of the routine diet.

Tracie followed Roberts instructions and wrote,

Sorry it took so long to reply but I thank you, the results were superb.

He took out 10 ribbons at Sydney Royal, including 4 firsts and 2 reserve champions.

He looked and felt the best ever. You have helped us with every horse that needed you, thank you again.

Kind regards


Blood Cleanser MIx

Rosehips Granules

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