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There are a number of different types of arthritis and rheumatism. 

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Osteoarthritis is similar to Sports Arthritis in that normal joint function is effected by various causes. Mostly osteoarthritis begins with an abnormality of the cells that synthesize the components of cartilage. It is directly associated with the metabolism of calcium, silica and phosphorous in the body.

A high intake of dairy without a balance of other minerals can lead to a deposition of bone material. Also a high intake of white flours and sugars can create an acid environment that disturbs the fine balance of minerals in the body.

Osteo Arthritis effects virtually any joint but particularly the fingers, toes, knees, hips and spine. The outcome is a gradual increase in pain , stiffness, freezing, weakness even numbness, some joints even experience a stretching of the ligaments that make the joint unstable.

Despite the pain it is better to keep moving . Often aches and pains can be a sign of congestion of either the bowel or lymphatic system. One needs to look at elimination in both these instances.

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McDowells OsteoArthritis mix includes Valerian, Horsetail, Elecampane, White Willow, Guiacum, Liquorice, Tansy and Devils Claw along with the Bach Flowers Willow, Rock Water, Elm and Oak.

On an emotional level arthritic symptoms can indicate a feeling of not being loved. Too often these people tend to be strong and stoic martyrs, sometimes carrying resentment about circumstances of their life. The personality type which holds on to these sorts of emotions without being able to forgive, let go and move on, can be the most prone to develop Osteo Arthritis in the first place.

The combination of herbs chosen in the mix addresses all factors mentioned above but generally it is best, after six weeks to provide feedback so that I can fine tune the Osteoarthritis treatment to more closely fit the individual case.

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