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Commercial pet food only became available around a hundred years ago. Canned horse meat was introduced just after the first World War. Canned and dry dog food is certainly more convenient and often cheaper but as with most 'fast food', it isn't always better. Feeding a healthful, natural and varied diet to your dog can be easier than you think!


The best food for your dog may vary depending on his individual needs. The basic diet, however, should consist of mostly succulent, raw, meaty bones with the addition of some organ meat, plus a little muscle meat, throw in a raw egg, portion of mashed banana or grated apple or 1 dessert spoon of yoghurt.

Vegetables can also provide additional nutrition. However because of the design of the dog's teeth and his digestive system, he probably won't be able to derive much nutrition from fruits and vegetables unless they are cut very fine, mashed, or lightly cooked and blended. A good way of serving vegetables/fruit is the fibre remains from making your own, mixed with minced raw meat.

Supplements like oils, herbs and some grain can be added to this mix, made fresh daily for your dog. 

Recipe suggestion - makes 1kg of dog food

200g organ meat (beef, lamb or goat) OR 200g sardines or mackerel
200g chicken frames, necks or wings OR raw meaty bones cut in to chunks
1 raw egg
500g of vegetables; cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot, zuchinni, kale, carrots, sweet potato and/or swedes
Hemp seed oil (follow directions for quantity) or olive oil
1/2 cup millet and linseed
Tablespoon of oats

Half a teaspoon of kelp granules
1 level scoop Prancing Pooch
1 level scoop Forever Young


Keep all meat raw
Add all vegetable to a big pot and boil lightly (enough to soften) with a small amount of water

Vegetables and Broth

Blend in a processor or with a hand masher


Store in reusable containers in the fridge or freezer (seperate into small, defrostable amounts)

Vegetablesbrothand meat

"Home made, healthy balanced meals are where it’s at. We add a range of Mcdowells supplements to our dogs food bowls to ensure they stay healthy and happy! Food is thy medicine! We have researched this area for 7 years! Trialling different feeds and working with multiple canine nutrition specialists and herbalists. We recommend feeding a balanced diet of unprocessed, real food!"




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