The do's and dont's of feeding your dog a 'slow food' diet Part 2 - McDowell's Herbal Treatments

Whist we may all try our best to feed our dogs with a diverse and balanced diet, just like feeding ourselves we often get distracted and have to resort to fast food options on occasion. I am not adverse to this.

A good case in point is my cat Elizabeth who is on raw meat with a commercial “stew” along with specific herbs for her kidneys and liver because she has advanced renal failure. Even on this half raw/natural diet the herbs are proving to be the extra she needs and she is powering along in life to the surprise of her vets. Admittedly I would prefer her to be on 100% raw, but she is getting fussy in her old age and with renal failure inappetence is common - I just want her to eat! So long as she is getting the herbs she is maintaining her weight, appetite and enthusiasm for life!

A raw and natural diet is fed in response to the dogs appearance of vitality and general wellness. Observing weight, appetite, thirst, panting,  vitality, coat condition, elimination (constipation/diarrhoea ), urine output and comfort in movement are all required when identifying your dogs general health and wellbeing. Learn to know your dog when he is well and happy and then you will be on the look out for the times when he may not feel so well.
Using Herbs
Herbs are ideal “food as Medicine” . Using common culinary herbs regularly as well as herbal teas add nutritional diversity and flavour to your dog’s meals. Medicinal herbs like our tinctures  are specialised and should be given as directed on the labels. We have also formulated some  general wellbeing pre-mix’s to add to your dogs diet  that help to add to the nutritional profile of the diet.
Issues that can occur with raw feeding:
Not enough variety ( can be corrected with vegetables and herbs)
Too many bones – can cause constipation ( can be corrected with vegetables and herbs)
While most allergy prone dogs respond exceptionally well to raw and natural diets Some dogs can be allergic/sensitive to some meats- in particular beef. ( can be corrected with vegetables and herbs)

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