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"Vital lives are about action. You can't feel warmth unless you create it, can't feel delight until you play, can't know serendipity unless you risk." ― Joan Erickson

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There is a lot of hype these days about creating your own destiny, and making your life what you want it to be. "Dream it, Do it" is the mantra, and there are as many ways to generate this in your life as there are people...

The problem I have with this kind of mantra is that it seems to lack the bare bones of maturity and responsibility.

We can create the atom bomb, but we don't have the maturity to respect life...we can grow food and drill for water and oil, yet we don't have the maturity and the responsibility to care for those that are in real need and share our resources with all.

We have the science and technology to grow human beings in a test tube, fly to the moon and countless other technological feats, yet fundamentally we lack a compassion for all of life in the here and now.

Avatar, the movie by James Cameron, so beautifully represents what is fundamentally wrong in our culture (I love the clever metaphor of mining for "un-obtainium with its multi layered meaning) yet the response to this film was not one of inspiration for many, but bizarrely a new condition was born - a deep depression came about because those that wholly identified with the Na'vi people of Pandora felt powerless to create the beautiful interactive world with Eywa (the Na'vi Deity) depicted in the film.

We are all on the Hero's Journey...and it's important that we each begin to try and understand the deep spiritual drive (Eywa) that is inspiring us toward a world where we can be spiritually free and interact in life in a way that removes us from the current mainstream (lacking in spirit and love) .

The mainstream that gives on one hand and takes with the other, that enslaves us to systems and dogmas that have no basis in life and love, and that requires unquestioning obedience and harsh judgement. The mainstream accepted view that seems to have the arrogance to believe that we can keep destroying life, the planet and anything beautiful just because we see ourselves as not part of the Eco-system or 'Mother Earth'. 

In Avatar we see Jake evolve from his ignorance and allegiance to a lifeless dogma, as he awakens to the magic of Pandora and great respect for life. We can do this here, and now, on Earth.

If we are to improve all our lives, and if you have an inkling of what it may be like to reach a Co-Creative level of awareness within your life, there are two simple suggestions to follow.

1) Don't judge - Yourself or anyone else. This creates a polarised state and keeps you in a revolving door of Cause and Effect - commonly known as Karma which causes emotional pain and grief. 

2) Come out of Denial - that means, look within, shine a light on the shadow parts of the self that wish to remain hidden, and bring to light the emotions, attitudes and behaviours that prevent you from opening your heart to all on a daily basis. See my other articles on Breathwork and supporting the body with Herbs to enable yourself to be prepared to travel this territory)

From here, you can change your life. Be in service to those around you and learn to give love to those who may even appear not to deserve it...(This does not mean that you have to put up with harmful attitudes- you do need to make choices that are pro love of self as well-its "attachment" that keeps you feeling and thinking in the same harmful and repetitive way )

Look for magic and serendipitous events, as these will guide you along to a more wonderful and joyful life, having adventures along the way.

Above all, respect those that are in your life, irrespective of their outward appearance, and quietly keep to your golden thread of life.

You may find yourself in a place that you never thought possible!

Love from Cath McDowell

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