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Another lovely success story…

In October, I had a funny looking spot on my nose biopsied, and it proved to be basal cell cancer. Due to our travel schedule, and the fact that basal cell grows rather slowly, I was comfortable scheduling the MOHS surgery for three months in the future -  this January…

Basal cell is easy to deal with and I immediately contacted you for some maritime pine bark extract, your wonderful basal cell herbal mix, and the basal cell ointment for topical use. Also immediately, I changed my diet to more alkaline, eliminated sugar, and added more oxygen through chlorophyll products, homeopathic ferr phos and a home oxygen bar machine. I also applied blood root tincture to my nose daily. When your products arrived, I used them faithfully daily.

Fast forward to last Monday (two days ago). I went for the MOHS surgery, which is done layer by layer, with lab work checked after each removal until the margins are clear. You wait about 45 minutes after each removal while the lab works and see if additional removal of tissue is necessary. After the first lab work was done, my wonderful Australian surgeon came back and said “There was no cancer. It was there in October – we biopsied it, but there was none when we removed the tissue.” And she bandaged me up and I went home…

Thank you, Cath, and bless you for your work. You are a beacon of Light, and I am so glad you and McDowell Herbals are in our lives.

By the way, Randy continues his herbal mixes, including the red blood cell balancer – and his blood count stays comfortably in normal range, at about 15, rather than at the threshold of polycythemia vera (19). Thank you for all you do…

Blessings of Light,

Lynn & Randy Phillips

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