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Hi Cath,

You are a wonder and a blessing in our lives!

My husband, Randy, has had a series of serious medical conditions, most of which we have been able to manage with our own knowledge of herbs and other supplements, such as homeopathics and Bach Flower Remedies. We have come to you for a few serious conditions for additional support – and for a couple that stumped us.

The one that really stumped us had to do with his red blood cell production. In February this year, his hemoglobin was dangerously high at 18.9. He was making too many red blood cells.

As background, My husband has always given blood – gallons of it throughout his lifetime – and has usually been right on time to donate. His body expects to be bled every 60 days. Sometimes in the past few years, he has not been able to make the exact timeframe, and at his February 2014 blood donation, his hemoglobin had crept up to 18.9. Any higher and he would not be allowed to donate blood.

More importantly, we have researched this condition of excessively high red blood cell count:

It's polycythemia vera, a rare blood disorder caused by the bone marrow making too many red blood cells. (There are a variety of causes.) The primary treatment from Western medicine is just to bleed the patient every couple of weeks to remove the excess red blood cells – which are then thrown away, because the blood cells are tightly clumped together, and cannot be donated to someone in need.

You created an herbal mixture for him in February to normalize red blood cell production, and within a few weeks, his hemoglobin had dropped to 18.4. There was steady progress. By May, it had dropped to 16.6, and in both July and September it was 14.2. So, in 5 months it was stabilized at a very acceptable point.

Now, in October, we have discontinued the mixture and will see in November, when he donates blood, if it is still stable or he needs to go back on a small maintenance dose of your herbal mix.

You are amazingly gifted, and we are so grateful for your knowledge and gracious help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Blessings of Light and Spirit to you, Cath, and to all those who work with you.

You are beings of Light,

Lynn & Randy Phillips


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