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23rd May 2009

Hi!! I have been diagnosed with plantar fibromatosis on the sole of my
foot (in from the arch). The lump has been there for some years but only
recently it has been often very painful in the morning when I first get out
of bed. After about an hour it is not so bad. Shoes that do not press on
the nodule are better. Is there any herbal remedies to reduce the size of
the nodule? Doctors say surgery is the only option but according to
websites there is quite a high recurrence of re-growth. Looking forward to
hearing from you. Ngaire

9th June 2009

Hi Judith. Just a progress report on my foot. Bought some thuja ointment and added the oregano and myrhh oils, and very rarely have so much as a twinge now. It is amazing, no pain in the mornings (or any other time.)The lump feels like it is getting smaller. A miracle!! Thank you, Ngaire 9 June 2009

13th October 2009

I emailed you (I think) in May and you gave me advice re fibromatosis. I applied the thuja ointment with additves for three months, discontinued it at the end of August. There is still a bit of a lump there, but much softer, and has been no pain since about a week after starting the treatment.
Thank you very much for your help.
Regards, Ngaire

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