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I thought I would drop you a line to update you on my mare's sarcoid progress. It is incredible!

To begin with, it was an open sore like (almost looked like proud flesh) tumour on her nose, about the size of half a hand, extending from the very bottom of her muzzle to half way up her nostril, standing out about 1.5cms from her skin, it's been there for at least 4 years, growing.

The photos show the sarcoid about 2 weeks after starting the program, it is much less weepy and there is a sort of solid edge forming on it, that you just see. After 3 months of the twice daily treatment the sarcoid has now disappeared completely.

I began using the treatment twice a day to begin with and then I got a bit inconsistent, but still after 3 months it is basically gone. It is now flat and about 2 cm by 1.5cms. Before you could feel the tumour underneath the skin, extending beyond where it had broken out, this has all gone too.

I had had surgery (at a vast cost) recommended by one person as well as various chemical treatments. I'm extremely glad to have tried McDowell's treatment, all my friends who have seen it are amazed. We had the equine dentist out a while ago who was so amazed by the disappearance of the sarcoid (that had been bleeding and weeping when he had done the horse 4 months earlier) that he was contacting McDowells Herbal to help with his hayfever! I would unreservedly recommend this treatment option to anyone who is battling sarcoids in their horse.

I am studying vet science at Melbourne University and hope to also study Natural Medicine when I graduate, seeing how this has worked for my mare has made me much more determined to do so.

Many thanks
Amanda Waller and Octavia.

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