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Late last summer a disturbing growth was developing on my horse’s shoulder. It was thought to be a sarcoid. Researching sarcoids left me feeling worried. And from the research I had done it was pretty clear that many people regretted they had not treated the sarcoid when it was small. We knew there was a risk that treating the sarcoid could make it worse but we were prepared to take the risk given everything I had read.

I was on the fence if I should I go the veterinary route or alternative? The veterinary approach was going to be costly and aggressive. I preferred to go herbal if possible and I was inspired by the testimonials I had read on the McDowell website.

Cath was very helpful in answering my multiple (worried) questions. She put me at ease. So I chose to pursue the herbal approach with McDowell and purchased the sarc-void ointment and internal drops. To be honest I was half hearted about it thinking the veterinary approach would probably be more certain and faster (although with a wink, Cath let me know they had a higher success rate than the orthodox approach which was encouraging to hear).

I am utterly delighted to say the program worked!!

It took 8 weeks of diligent application of the ointment twice a day but slowly the sarcoid changed shape, become elongated as though the body was trying to expel it and then I tied it at the base with cotton string and it fell off the next day. What a relief! There remained only a very small bump where the sarcoid had been and I treated this with a dab of pure undiluted thyme essential oil (I had eradicated a plantar wart this way). And within two weeks the bump is now all dried up and vanished.

I will advise anyone using the ointment to be sure to keep the ointment on the sarcoid and not let it leak and linger on adjacent tissue. It is powerful stuff and our horse lost his hair when the ointment leaked down his shoulder. Cath suggested I use a zinc sunscreen barrier under the treated sarcoid to avoid drip and travel and to protect the now bare skin from the sun. This worked perfectly but had I known about the effect on the surrounding tissue I would have taken extra precaution to keep the ointment only on the sarcoid. It did demonstrate to me how powerful the product is.

I would highly recommend the sarcoid ointment and internal drops. It would be my absolute first choice “go to” in future if ever I came across a sarcoid on a horse again.

Even though our horse is now sarcoid free, I will continue to use the internal drops to complete the treatment cycle as it targets the virus internally.

SS Sarcoidsept22B

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