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My mare, Saffron, has trauma-induced Degenerative Joint Disease in a front fetlock, from an injury that happened 7 years ago. I have been giving her turmeric for about 6 years... it helps, but she has never stopped limping. I recently put her on GAGS and Rosehip Vital, which improved her joint mobility. But then she suddenly started limping badly and developed a hard bony lump on the bone between the affected fetlock joint and the cannon bone. My vet examined it, and said it's just the DJD getting worse, but I'm not convinced...she was improving, then suddenly got worse! Anyway, my vet just recommended Bute. But I don't want to do that to my girl. So I would love for you to suggest a plan forward.



You will need a 12 week course of the Structural Injury Program, using either the Tendon Cream or our Hoof Heel oil, depending on the application you prefer. You will need to give the full dose for a minimum of 6 months to turn around the current conditions.  ou need to keep this kind of treatment going (most likely) indefinitely at half dose once the condition has resolved to achieve the best results.

The likelihood of seeing improvement is about 60% being that we reverse the condition, but 90% likely hood to stop further deterioration. We seen any reversal of chronic DJD with the McDowell treatment plan but as soon as the herbs were stopped the condition started to progress again. Because the condition is a degenerative one, deterioration needs to slow down and stop first before you see an improvement and this can take a few months.



Here's my horse, Saffron's 12 week progress report, for her DJD fetlock joint...

We'll I have to say, I'm amazed!! There really has been a noticeable improvement! At first, I only noticed slightly less limp, which is about as much she has previously improved on any supplement I've tried. After the first month, there was a bit of a delayed decline (healing crisis??). Then my turmeric ran out (which is the one supplement I continued with after starting McDowells, as I knew it helped, and I also didn't want to change that while starting something new, as then I wouldn't know what was/wasn't working). I continued for a bit without the turmeric, but her limp went back to how it was before starting your program. So I started her back on the turmeric, about 3 weeks ago now, and it seems, combined with McDowells, I've started to see more improvement than ever!

November 2020: Before starting McDowells, Saffron had a limp at the walk, big limp at trot, and ...canter ...forget it!

If I had a little bareback ride, I could feel her joints felt clunky.

December 2020:

After sometime on the program, there was no limp at the walk, medium limp at trot, and in the canter she'd offer occasional few steps without getting upset.

Tried riding: slight limp at walk.

January 2021:

Turmeric ran out. Regressed back to November's state. Late January: re-started turmeric.

Feruary 2021:

Walk: no limp! Trot: slight limp, but sometimes looks normal. Canter: happy to canter a few strides, but looks stiff.

I tried riding again, and the clunky feeling is gone! She moves freely at walk. Can trot a few steps with possible slight limp (a bit unsure here, as I didn't want to ask too much).

Her limp seems more on her off-hind now, which is a bit arthritic also, but I guess now that's she not favouring the front fetlock, she is carrying the back leg a bit more now.


Definitely improving on the McDowells program! I think combining the program, with turmeric, seems to be the key to her success.

Pretty astonishing really, when I consider, she has had this condition for 7-8 years now, and nothing has got results like this!!

And mind you, she has been on turmeric for 7 years, and although she gets worse if I stop it, overall she was deteriorating.

Thank you so much Cath!!! I'm so happy!


Thank you for your email and update on how your mare is going!

This si very much what I expect with these products and I am delighted to see that you have gained such results in such a short period of time.

Usually it takes a little longer but it must be the extra Turmeric that is help the whole process, as you say.

Well done and thank you for the update!

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