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"My 19 year old thoroughbred, Argento, is not aging gracefully especially his molars.

In January 2020 he had a sinus infection in his left nostril that would come and go with antibiotic treatment.

After a dental exam we discovered both of his upper third molars have cavities and the 4th molars behind them are on their way out.

My vet recommended tooth extractions but at the time he was also suffering from a laminitis attack so putting him under heavy sedation was not an option.

After speaking with an equine dentist he told me tooth extractions are a last resort and with proper care you can manage the infections.

He started getting diarrhea from antibiotics so I discontinued them and I was at a loss of what to do. He is on McDowell’s Melanoma program so I added the Chronic Sinus and Infect-A-Clear to the mix.

The infection left and this time for good!

Here we are a year later on this stuff and my vet cannot believe he has gone this long without any infections!

She said she for sure thought the infection was there to stay until the teeth were removed! His right nostril started showing signs of yellow mucus but the next day it was gone and back to clear drainage!

I would like to preserve his molars for as long as possible so he will remain on this program to keep infections at bay while his molars near the end of their life."

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