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"Good Afternoon Catherine,

I'm writing to give you an update on Dezzy and to find out what her herbal program should be now. 

Our barefoot trimmer, Tamera, has only been here three times and Dezzy is walking much better and she is now able to go out into the pasture with the other horses! Of course, we have to keep a grazing muzzle on her with the hole covered up with a soft piece of leather that my daughter sewed onto it so she cannot eat grass while out. Tamera believes that by this time next year (or sooner) that Dezzy will be restored to soundness.

I cannot tell you how overjoyed we are that Dezzy is getting better, especially after the vets gave Dezzy a death sentence (we have not had them come back since). Dezzy would not be where she is today without all of you.

For Dezzy's diet, she has soaked hay divided out during the day for a total of 13 lbs. per day, she is on pre-soaked Speedi-Beet twice a day, morning and evening. To her pre-soaked Speedi-Beet I add one tablespoon of Mag-a-GG, 3 tablespoons of Equigesta-Pre. 10 ml each of Alleviate and Infecta-Clear, and one cup of Tendon and Bone, one cup of Rosehip tea steeped for one hour, and the contents of one 1,000 iu capsule of vitamin e.
In the evening she just gets 10ml of Alleviate and Infect-a-Clear, one cup of steeped for one hour Rosehip tea, and one cup of Tendon and Bone added to her pre-soaked Speedi-Beet.

From our last email you had suggested that we keep her on 20ml twice a day of the Alleviate and Infect-A-Clear, and we did. When she showed good improvement we switched to 10ml twice a day and she has done just great with that amount. She is completely off of any pain medications and has been for about three months or so. She was on Equioxx for pain, but she doesn't need that anymore- yay!

Catherine, thank you again so very, very much for taking the time to help us with saving my daughter's horse! You went above and beyond to help us and as already mentioned - we are forever grateful. I'm attaching a picture of Dezzy out in the pasture with her friends so you can see her now.

She still needs a little bit more weight, but she isn't as skinny as she was. Our trimmer is happy with the amount of weight that Dezzy has gained and said she needs a little bit more. Dezzy is on the right in the picture. The mare on the left is Naira. Dezzy and Naira came together as a pair when my daughter purchased them, so they have been together for years. They are both so happy to be out in pasture together! God bless you! Looking forward to hearing from you :).


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