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Brandee's 4 year old AQHA roan mare had recently developed what she believe to be a flat sarcoid between her butt cheeks. Her vet recommended she leave it alone due to the location and the likelihood of getting kicked if she were to administer the topical treatment, as he stated it was very painful.

A sarcoid can be seen as an attempt by the immune system to package up and get rid of impurities within the blood or the waste products as a result of a virus (Bovine Papilloma Virus)


McDowells have developed a program of internal and external preparations that is effective to deal with sarcoids and any secondary fungal/bacterial infection.

The herbs that we include in the mixture are aimed at resolving the problem by facilitating the elimination of viral and bacterial debris. Specific Nervines support the Neuroendocrine/ immune system .

Client feedback suggests about 80% success with the McDowells internal formula.

The topical ointment is safe for healthy tissue. The ointment is in a base of castor oil which can heat up under friction so is not advised for application of sarcoids between legs/rump cheeks . The external drops are used in these hard to reach places. A 10% solution mixed with Colloidal Silver is made up and applied from a atomised spray bottle.

Using the program:

60 drops of Internal Sarc-void x 2 a day
100mls of Colloidal silver internally per day.
Topical application of the ointment or liquid ( made up as a 10% solution in spray bottle) twice a day .


"The Sarc-void products are amazing! I’ve been giving it since September and treating with the topical once a day. Her sarcoid is almost completely gone! So excited to find this!" 


"Here’s a few photos from today. Almost all the modules are gone. Seriously so impressed with this stuff! I just put the topical in a spray bottle and it’s super easy!"


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