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So thank you very much! Your advice and products have been great. He is on his second 20 litre bucket of the Tendon and Bone mix. We have finished the two other formulas, Alleviate and Infect-A-Clear and I haven’t re-ordered those as he seems in good health.

Capone is going very well and we have seen a huge improvement in his overall health and his leg injury. Sienna is now taking him on short rides every second day just walking and he is also been exercised on the treadmill where he is agisted. 

His swelling has reduced significantly due to this treatment and also the bandaging. 

He is now well on the road to recovery and now only has a stable style bandage on which is changed each day. We are  also using the red light therapy to reduce further the swelling but also the walking and trotting in straight lines is assisting.

Cath, your advice during this journey were invaluable and the products are fantastic and we believe that they have really assisted in his recovery!

Thank you again, 

UPDATE: You might like to update the story as we are now able to start cantering him and the vet feels that he can start to jump within a month!!!!  How amazing is that!

Capone's injury


Capone during healing


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