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At 23 years old, my Missouri Fox Trotter stallion "Box of Chocolates" for the first time developed a thick yellow discharge from his left nostril and within 5 days his face was swelling. The veterinarian placed a trephine into his nasal cavity.
He was flushed several times and sent home on Uniprim. Three months later the drainage started again. This time before it had a chance to swell, I administered a course of the Uniprim, he improved, but again in three months the drainage returned, this time the swelling came on quickly. He was sent home with a catheter in place in his sinus. I flushed his sinus twice a day and he finished a course of Uniprim. The X-rays did not reveal any abscess or fistula. After this second episode I was determined to find another answer to heal him for good.
I searched the web and found McDowell's Herbal. I wanted to get him on the sinus infection treatment as soon as possible as I learned from Catherine (Practice Directer) that the integrity of the sinus tissue needed to be restored. In less than a month from when he was last flushed out at the vet clinic he was on the McDowell regimen. I followed her instructions including adding the colloidal silver and the Chronic Sinus treatment to his feed which Chocolate ingested with no problem. Once or twice a month he had several days of light drainage, but no swelling. Eventually it was almost nothing.
Just to be sure he was completely cleared, I ordered a second course of treatment and once that was started he never had another day of drainage. He finished that course in about three months. He has not had any drainage since starting the last course. I still don't know what caused him to become infected in the first place. I do know this, the McDowell treatment has given him the ability to keep his sinus cavities functioning and disease free.

Thank you Cath!

Leslie Hair in Hockley TX, USA

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