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Hi Catherine,

Happy Days, just over 5 weeks since I started I think....
I wish I had taken photographs!!  
I have been giving her the pine bark and melanoma mix in a syringe mixed with some honey and warm water so it tastes better :) and she actually really enjoys it, both of them, now get the rosehips in their feeds.

Whilst the tumours have only reduced in size marginally (if at all, it might be wishful thinking) I have now stopped having to cover them and they have almost all scabbed over and are healing really well which is interesting as they don't appear to be "real" skin/flesh inside but there you go.

As they are under her tail and she gets pretty dirty under there - I have only been putting the ointment on them once or twice a week when I get a chance to give her a decent wash and dry and then pile on a fair bit which does seem to last as it stays relatively greasy for a few days.

Anyway, I'm just about to order some further supplies and hopefully the healing will continue and they will shrink in time.

Can't thank you enough as they were pretty disgusting there for a while I was quite concerned that they would become infected and only get worse...... now they are looking fairly innocuous and I will take and send you some pics just for your info.

Thank you so much again and I will keep in touch as we go along.
Have an awesome day!!

Hi Catherine,
Finally I remembered the photos - I have just purchased my third bottle of the Melanoma mix :)
The first photos I took are from the 3rd July (wish I had taken some at the start) and there are a couple from the 30th July.
Initially the lumps were "broken open" and weeping a thick, black tarry substance.  I was "dressing" them with cotton wool slathered with honey and then wrapped her tail in a bandage - it was actually a fleece leg bandage as I had read horror stories about leaving other tail wraps on!  I only re-dressed when the bandage either slipped or came off which was sometimes 3 or 4 days and sometimes every day.
Once I started the melanoma mix I believe it was only a couple of weeks before I left the dressings off and then I also started a bit of the melanoma ointment.  Now I wash her tail and butt (she is a bit prolapsed and a dirty piglet) once a week and slather on the ointment and thankfully the lumps have all healed up.  I think they have shrunk also but I honestly can't remember at the beginning.  
Anyway the pics show the open areas partially healed and then fully healed - I will send you some further (newer) ones as we go.
Have a great weekend :)

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