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“Jades uterine problems came about due to her foaling 6 times in her short 8 years of life and that she suffered subclinical laminitis for many years.  The demineralisation of her P3’s is due to her being in being in foal, whilst feeding a foal, whilst still growing herself, plus being kept overweight throughout this time.  The only time she thinned down was for her short show appearance after her last foal was still born in Spring 2013, they whipped her into show state to do something with her while she had a year off, then they decided to quit her instead”

There’s one pic of her at a show, the rest are paddock.

It is with a lot of sadness in my heart that I inform you that my beautiful mare Jade had to cross the rainbow bridge recently.

You guys were amazing, jumping in at the 12th hour and assisting me at a difficult time to help Jade recover from her uterine infection, and to that extent…the desired result was in fact achieved, the infection cleared up and her cervix although still soft and lacking tone, had closed to where you could still push a finger through easily, but at least it was not wide open.    So I have no doubt that had we been able to continue with just this health issue, that over the ensuring months on herbal formulas her prognosis would have been very good to excellent and maintaining her in health, with herbs would have been very successful.

However, it was not to be, for all the good that was achieved with her uterus, her feet were altogether another matter.  Jade’s feet were beyond repair, having given her 12 months of the best hoof rehabilitation I could give her with the Bowe’s, she spent all of that time in pain with varying degrees of lameness/pain.  When we saw signs of good progress, she would suddenly deteriorate, yet we persisted.  Recently despite all attempts to continue her rehab, she again deteriorated and was in a lot of pain, finding walking difficult, and the Bowe’s, the vet and I concluded there was nothing more that they or I, or you guys could do for her in rehabilitation. The fact that her P3’s were extensively deformed with bone loss, coupled with shallow sole coverage due to rotation which was a chronic condition she had been subjected to for years, I felt the kindest and most responsible line of action was to let her pass into a place where pain would not be her constant companion.

I am sincerely grateful for your efforts and if we look for the silver lining on dark clouds, Jade taught me so much over the past year that will continue to guide me into the future.  Through the experience and use of herbal formulas and their efficacy not just with Jade and other horses, but my dog ‘Bear’ that you guys assisted me with over several years, it has empowered me to complete the degree in Naturopathy/Herbal Medicine that I am half way through and had lost the drive to keep going with, due to having my own health crisis with endometrial cancer /radical hysterectomy mid last year. It was a challenging time, that has taken time to process through, thankfully I was one of the fortunate one’s that did not need radiotherapy/chemo, nor would I have chosen that path.  And again this year with my full knee/patella replacement, herbs have played a key role in my recovery.     It is though my beloved animals who have been my greatest teachers, and as much as it can be soul destroying to see them suffer, in that suffering there is much to learn about natural therapies and returning the body back to homeostacis.   I am a qualified Veterinary Homeopath and have used this modality to great effect over the past 15 years, now it is time to add herbal medicine to that list of skills.  I had Jade for such a short time, but during that time, she showed me the way back home, in reflection I see her uterus, and mine, her feet and mine, in many ways mirroring one another.  We never plan animal companions to pass through our lives way before their time, I have learnt though, that many do so that we can evolve.   I have much gratitude for her patience in getting me to see the light, and take great comfort in knowing she now dances on those four feet in delight knowing that I have seen the pathway re- lit ahead.

I will be in touch shortly with one of your staff, as I have chosen to transfer my own health needs herbally to your doorstep.  I have been very happy with my naturopath/herbalist provider to date she is a wonderful woman, however I want the best that I can offer my body to remain healthy, as I am wise enough though to know that I must not rest on my laurels, that vigilance in health is a must to remain healthy.

Cheers Lea

Lea Smart

Smart Bowen Therapy International College

Human, Equine and Canine Bowen Therapy

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