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Lucy is a 23-year-old bay thoroughbred who is long retired from racing.  She was used as a brood mare and had at least 5 foals.  I got her from a horse trader via an intermediary.

I can’t say that Lucy was ever abused but she certainly wasn't given the kind of veterinary care she deserved. When she came to our house she had a runny nose, and the girl who helped Lucy find me said that it had been that way for at least 2 years.  She thought Lucy might have allergies.

Things came to a head a year later when Lucy developed a full-on sinus infection that was antibiotic resistant. The Vet thought at the time that it had probably festered for a couple of years without intervention and would be hard to treat. He suggested sinus surgery.  That wasn’t an option for a whole host of reasons and I knew I needed to search for a cure someplace else.

A search on Google got me to McDowell’s herbs! I read the stories of healing and hope and found some that were similar to Lucy’s situation.  I try and treat my horses with natural remedies’ first since I believe natural is best, when possible.

I ordered the Sinus-Sorted , Maritime Pine Bark extract and Colloidal Silver and followed Cath’s directions.  I started seeing a decrease in drainage within 48 hours, and the awful smell of the sinus infection was gone within 10 days of being on her mixtures.

I kept Lucy on the Sinus mixture / Maritime Pine for a year as a precautionary measure.  Two years have gone by and Lucy continues to be sinus infection free!

Thank You Cath and McDowell’s herbs!

Peg Mumbower

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