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My 12yo stock horse mare has been on the anti-inflammatory and nervous rehabilitation mix for approximately 2 months with great results. She had been lame for months and unrideable, she was also sweating  a lot which we put down to pain. EMRT (Equine Muscle Release Therapy) would make a difference for a couple of days after a treatment but she would feel so good that she would go for a gallop and would come back lame. We came to the decision to have her x-rayed, they revealed a slight upwards rotation of her pedal bone as well as a small fracture. We decided to start her on the anti-inflammatory mix instead of starting her on bute. In combination of corrective bare foot trimming, EMRT and the herbs her lameness has improved substantially and her comfort noticieably at times and more than happy to gallop and extended trot around. Her sweating has also subsided. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

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