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CJs TumourThe regular vets really tried their best to eradicate CJ’s cancer, but eventually he was put on hospice care.  I was not ready to give up though, and neither was CJ! 
I found your website and CJ was started on your herbal extracts the first week of March, 2012, along with Flax Seed Meal, Millet Meal and Chamomile Flowers, per your instructions.  He gets them 2 times a day, every day (thanks to my fellow stable workers!). 
His condition did not improve over night, the tumours continued to grow and look nasty.   However I continued to treat as per Catherine’s recommendations of the SCC Internal support mix, the Maritime Pine Bark and the external ointment.
I found a holistic vet near by and he took over CJ’s care.  Dr. Richard Mathes, of Pumkin Hill Veterinary Clinic, put bloodroot on the tumours.  At one point, he would come every week to check CJ’s condition and put fresh bloodroot on.  As the tumours grew larger, he would also put a band on them and the tumours would fall off within a couple days.
We did not see a marked improvement until 3 and half months into the Herbal Treatment Program.  In June, the last big tumour had tripled in size in less then a couple of weeks.  An artery was also compromised.  With CJ constantly dripping blood, Dr. Mathes came on an emergency call and put a band on the tumour and fresh bloodroot.  This would control the bleeding and cause the tumour to fall off, again, in a matter of days. 
Since then, the sheath has continued to look better, healthy looking skin rather than the decaying tumours, etc.  We continued the Herbal SCC program as prescribed, and the first week of July was the first time in months we saw CJ’s penis.  He had not been able to drop to urinate because of the tumours, he would just pee and urine would spray everywhere...  And now it is August and CJ can fully drop to urinate and the skin on the sheath looks good. 
Believe me when I say, this has been a struggle, for CJ and me, and others who were concerned and praying for us.  But what a testimony to your herbal extracts and support during this ordeal!  CJ and I thank you very much.
I’d like to add, the glory goes to God, who is the ultimate Healer and who lead me to your website…

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