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Hello! I am writing you to give you a brief update on the progress of my mare, Delight. As soon as I recieved the herbal mix you sent me for Chronic infectious Sinus I started the treatment immediately.

This mare has had a foul smell and chronic discharge from her sinus-nasal area since we had bought her. She had a frontal nasal surgery done by her previos owner at the Veterinary hospital near Montreal for cysts in her sinuses. After the surgery she was sent home with the results that it will not come back.

We soon bought her and as soon as she came home, we started to notice a smell, and some discharge. Assuming that it could be due to the shipping, new environment, or stress, we surveyed it, but it started to get worse. The veterinarian put her on sulfa antibiotics, and while she was on them, it seemed to help.

Then she foaled on xmas eve of this year and it seemed to get worse again. I had put her on colloidal silver and it helped, but it would not compeletely go away.

It would keep coming back, and the stench would get worse and worse. The vet hospital wanted to do another flush and scrape, but from whre we live , and the foal by her side, it was not possible. As I was researching this condition on the internet your BJ's story was almost identical to mine!

As this mare has been on sulfa antibiotics so often even before we got her, I was afraid that she was intollerant of the drug, and the vet said that it was the only thing that has proven to be able to help. And they could not see anything else working for her. I then ordered your mix in desperation.

As soon as I got it I put her on the suggested daily dose. Within 3 days she dried up! And the smell was almost gone! How wonderful!!! And She seemed brighter and more alert (poor thing before was not a happy camper!)

To date she is dry and no smell seems to linger...I am completely convinced that your mix was the only thing that saved her from a future of more medical research --as far as I am concerned and being not able to breath properly! To date she has been on your treatment for almost 5 weeks. Soon we will be ending the bottle you sent us. 

Dont forget, she has been batteling this issue for at least two years since before we aquired her and always the same treatment!

God bless you for your wonderful treatment and if you have helped others as you have helped my mare, well....God bless you and the wonderful work you are doing...

Hope to hear from you soon,

Sasha Ouimet
Red River Farm and Morgan Valley Percherons

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