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IMG_2886How do I thank you?! My Name is Kim Harvey, from Queensland Australia. I have been using your Stringhalted herbal formula, on my 18hh, four year old, Warmblood/Thoroughbred, named Little Ted.
He has been suffering for almost two years. We have tried everything from our vets, who really tried to help him. All the farriers tried to help make him feel better. I had a lot of support. But it wasn't helping Ted. He was in very bad shape, and a lot of pain.
I finally decided to put him down. I walked inside, searched on the web one more time to see if there was something I had missed. I simply wrote 'help me with Stringhalt'.IMG_2879

Your website was amongst thousands of sites that I have searched before, but yours was on the top line. Wow, was I lucky that day. I contacted you and you helped me with emails and took the time to thoroughly know everything about Ted.
You recommended your Stringhalt Program. Everyone thought I was cruel, keeping Ted alive for one more try. It worked. He was off all pain medication after two weeks.

After the full bottle was used I was advised to follow up with a second to complete the treatment. I have cancer, I was sent to hospital for treatment at that time, worrying all the time that Ted may have slipped back the way he was. My partner does not know how to use a computer to order another bottle. 

After three weeks, I am now home. I think the worry of Ted, made my condition worse than it was. Ted was still fine, a miracle. But now I need another bottle to complete the course. 

Your herbs have worked wonders.
Thank you,
Kim Harvey and Ted

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