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In November of 2004 we adopted King, an 8 year old blind Siberian Husky, from our local animal shelter. King adapted to his new environment very quickly. He even managed to go up and down our stairs without any problem. Although he was a bit timid at first, we learned he had quite a unique personality. He claimed several toys, which we referred to as his "babies", and would carry them everywhere he went?.outside, around the house, to bed, or just taking a nap in the middle of the floor. After a couple of weeks, he was having frequent accidents in the house, which led to several vet visits and eventually the news that King had bladder cancer. At that time, the vet felt he only had a couple of months to live.King Lives with Bladder Cancer

Obviously upset, I started looking into alternative treatments, which was how I came across Robert McDowell's website. I immediately started King on the Bladder Cancer Support treatment and Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

Although King had two disabilities to overcome, blindness and cancer, he was an extremely active and happy dog. King enjoyed car rides, going to the dog park, running through fields, playing in mud pits, and had grown to trust us so much that he would hike up and down a trail with my fiance so he could swim in the river. His life consisted of more than just playing though......he loved to cuddle, have his belly rubbed, howl, and of course, eat treats.

Almost eleven months after we adopted him, King suddenly became very ill, and we knew it was time for him to leave us. We said goodbye on September 10, 2005.

I strongly believe that the herbal treatments that Robert McDowell recommended for King played a significant role in King surpassing our vet's prediction by nearly nine months. I also feel that the treatments helped to keep King healthy and strong, enabling him to lead as normal of a life as he possibly could. We miss King greatly, but I am so thankful that we were able to enjoy him for as long as I did. I appreciate all of the assistance that Robert McDowell and his staff provided.

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