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Dear Robert McDowell and staff,

I truly hope you all remember me, my mom, and our beloved old English sheep dog Bailey. You have been helping us treat his diagnosis of lymphoma through your herbal remedies since August of 2005. I regret to inform you that Bailey passed away from us last Sunday. Our hearts are broken, but we have satisfaction in the fact that he gave it one hell of a fight and that no synthetic drug ever entered his body.

We stuck to the herbal treatments you recommended, reiki, massage, and the use of trace minerals, vitamins, essential oils, and prayer. I know deep inside that we would not have come this far if it wasn't for all your help, support, and encouraging words. I truly appreciate everything you have recommended that we do and helping us to do it. You have a gift and sharing it with people especially in time of need says a lot of good character.

I will recommend your web site and remedies to everyone I know in need of them.

I am pleased to inform you though that Bailey did not suffer, nor was he put to sleep. The night of his death, we all knew it was the night; we sat with him as if he was a person, and applied the oils to the crown of his head and to his heart and told him it was ok to go. He listened, I think to spare us from having to make the decision of putting him to sleep, and he left in peace. I am forever thankful for that.

We will never be able to thank you all for the best five months we may not have had.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Love and Light
Jean and Karen Haacke

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