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I found a lump on my 8 year old Jack Russell's abdomen last October. I immediately took him to my vet who removed the lump and confirmed that it was a mast cell tumour but they didn't remove the "dirty margins" so it would have the chance to spread. I then attended specialists in chemotherapy and surgery and my dog underwent a number of further tests (which made him, and I, very miserable!) There appeared to be differences of opinion between the specialists I was seeing which did not help. I sought advice from others who had dogs with the same cancer and the overwhelming consensus seemed to be not to put him through further procedures that may very well not help him.

At the same time I sent for the Mast Cell Program, including the Maritime Pine Bark from McDowells and put my dogs (another older one with no cancer) immediately on to a raw food diet with no processed foods. About a month later I visited a holistic vet (who also has a degree in veterinary science) and she prescribed some more herbal treatments for him.

I have recently ordered my second batch of herbal treatments from McDowells. My dogs are so energetic and healthy; more so than I have ever seen them! I had kept a half-eaten bag of "premium" dog food "just in case" but have thrown that out. I know exactly what my dogs are eating and I have absolutely no doubt that the change in diet and natural therapies have helped him to maintain such vigour and vitality. With conventional treatment, the prognosis was not good and he would have had to endure lots of stays at the hospital and unpleasant treatments with absolutely no guarantee of success; his quality of life is probably better now than it has ever been!!

With cancer, of course, there is no way of telling what might have been or what will happen but I am more than happy with the outcome for my dog at what was (and is) such a sad and stressful time. Thank you for offering alternatives in Australia!


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