My loving companion still here thanks to McDowells - McDowell's Herbal Treatments

"I was recommended to try this by the lovely Kate at McDowell's after telling her my dogs symptoms and vet's analysis.

My dog had suffered cancer and then was diagnosed at 7years old with an enlarged heart that was pushing the trachea up. (possibly had for longer but had gone unnoticed as it had affected her before)
I would lay awake at night to her heavy, uneven and raspy breathing and had to limit her exercise due to her getting out of breath & tiring easily due to the enlarged heart.

After a few weeks on the heart repair (also diet change to BARF even though she was not overweight), The difference was quite dramatic. She has now been on it for 6 months.
She is sleeping much more soundly and rarely do I hear the raspy noise. She also has her energy and spark back now.
We are back walking a few klms a day again (which she loves) without tiring out.

I will continue her on the heart repair and the new diet as I do believe that it has made quite a difference and also monitor and consult with both my vet and Kate if anything needs to be tweaked. My wonderful furry friend is back to vet checks 6 monthly checks now after being fortnightly & monthly in the beginning and the vet has been very happy with her progress (initially not wanting to go down the path of prescribing any drugs until her symptoms got worse).

I am so glad I came across McDowell's treatments as I didn't really want to wait until a decline to do something if there was something that may prevent it from getting worse.
Many thanks to Kate for assisting me with options and other GREAT advice on appropriate diet, supplements etc.
It has really helped my VERY loved companion and hopefully given her MANY quality years left by my side."

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