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Snowy is my beloved senior Westie who will be turning 12 soon. She started losing weight mysteriously about a month back, so we brought her to the vet for a check up. We found that a lymph node on her left hind leg was particularly enlarged (almost twice as big as the one on the right), and nothing in her blood tests could explain this. We decided to send her for a chest x-ray and ultrasound. The results showed that she had two more enlarged lymph nodes in her stomach, although these were no where as big as the one on her hind leg.

Short of doing a biopsy, there was no further test we could do. She had started gaining weight steadily after I increased her food portions, so a positive outlook was that she was simply not receiving enough calories. But the worst case scenario would be lymphoma.

Not contended to just wait and see, I scoured the web and found McDowells. I reached out, asking for recommendations and Kate was so quick in responding. She recommended putting Snowy on the Lymphoma program, because the herbs would help support her lymphatic system even if she didn't have lymphoma. I cannot express how professional, helpful and thorough Kate was. Not only did she give me a run-down on the program, she also provided LOTS of advice and information with regards to diet and other supplements I could give my girl.

I'm from Singapore, and I am so happy to say that I had absolutely no issues with receiving my order. They shipped out my order via DHL within the same day, and I received it within a week. Everything was extremely well packed. I shop online a lot, and this is probably the most positive shipping experience I've had.

My girl took to the program like a duck to water. I added the mix to her food, and she shows great enthusiasm in finishing her food (the mix also makes the food smell delish). After a couple of weeks on the program, I brought her back to the vet for a check up. The lymph node on her left hind leg had shrunk so much, it was almost the same size as the normal one on the right.

Frankly, I was just hoping that the lymph node wasn't bigger, so this amazed me in the best possible way. Being a westie, she tends to have the odd hot spot or two, but after being on the Infect-a-Clear, her skin condition is so good. Her skin is a soft pink and is utterly clear; fellow westie owners will be able to appreciate how huge this is.

I am eternally grateful that I found McDowells and am confident that I've found a company that will best support me in providing the best life for my beloved girl. Not only do their products absolutely work, they are just the best people with such wonderful hearts. If you're looking at reviews, trying to decide whether or not to make a purchase, my sincere advice from one parent to another.

Do it. This works, and you won't regret it.

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