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"We are writing with thanks and gratitude to tell you about how your treatments have saved the life of our beloved little dog, Peppin, a yorkshire-chihuahua mix. Last September, 2007, Peppin was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. He was eight years old at that time and had been with us from the age of six weeks, and the news came just three days after the birth of his long-awaited litter of pups. We were devastated. Our vet immediately removed a marble-sized, fast-growing mass from his lower left mandible, along with some of his teeth and bone. Although he "went wide" with the excision, he feared he had failed to get everything and when the lab reports confirmed squamous cell carcinoma with metastasis into the bone marrow, he told us to prepare to lose Peppin in a matter of a month or two.

We were desperate to do something, but after carefully studying the option of radiation and further surgery, a very costly and torturous process involving tube-feeding, hospitalization, and multiple treatments, with a poor prognosis at Peppin's stage of the disease, we decided to help Peppin enjoy what time he had left with us rather than cause him more pain and distress.

We searched the internet for ways to improve his quality of life and perhaps slow the return of the cancer. We found your site and ordered your Maritime Pine and SCC Treatments, but before they arrived from Australia, the tumor returned and rapidly resumed half of its former size. Nevertheless, when the treatments arrived we began to use them. The tumor stopped growing within a week, and we found Peppin to be energetic, happy, and resuming his normal good spirits. Within a month we thought the tumor was smaller. Within two months it was gone and Peppin was back to normal, playing and chewing happily despite his truncated left mandible. Our vet, not a believer in alternative treatments, was shocked. He has examined Peppin repeatedly (including careful exams under anesthesia) and found no sign of the returning cancer. He even called the oncologist to verify the initial diagnosis and ask for any possible explanations, they deem it inexplicable.

Peppin has been with us for almost 9 months since surgery, is still in perfect health, and very active for a little eight year old fellow. He saw his pups grow into fine young dogs, and watches over them with pride. Our whole family is very grateful to you for helping us get Peppin through his battle with cancer. We are keeping him on the herbal treatments, and hope they continue to keep him cancer-free."

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