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Holly is my 13.5 year old bearded collie girl.

In October 2019 we sought out our local vet as she was panting a lot. It was found that she had a non-cancerous lump in her throat. She also has a lot of other conditions going on....

Atypical Cushing’s disease, arthritis, Dementia, anxiety, Canine Cognitive Disorder and she was aspirating when she barked. Holly was finding it harder to get up and about and was staring into space and barking, and getting stuck in corners and become “lost”. We noticed that she seemed to not be “there” mentally more and more and she seemed to be just existing.

I rang and spoke to Cath McDowell who put us on a treatment program. We kept in touch with her every few weeks to tweak things according to her symptoms and progress.

Anyway, Holly has been under Cath’s amazing treatment since October and whilst we were noticing an improvement on a regular basis, in the last two months we have noticed that she is mentally here again. She connects with us again and is getting back to her usual cheeky, self.

She’s even started to bounce again albeit only a little, but she hasn’t done that in years. Whilst we accept that she is getting older and we can’t stop that (bearded collie expected life span is between 12 and 14 years) she is doing so incredibly well on her herbal treatments and she is happy and much healthier.

I would recommend anyone to get in contact with Cath and her team, as not only have they helped my animals, but they have helped my daughter and myself as well.

Thanks again,

Monica and Holly


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