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I always read reviews before buying anything. I'm 64 and have tried so many products over the years and I've had great success with Herbal treatments so I decided to buy some from McDowells without reading reviews.

I was a German Shepherd breeder in the 80's and 90's I stopped breeding and started rescuing Shepherds in 2000. As they are a large breed they have major issues with arthritis in their hips, and elbows as well as a crippling degenerative disease of the spine called Degenerative Myelopathy.

I currently have 4 dogs. Kody is a purebred German Shepherds, who is 115 lbs and 9 or 10 yrs old..Raven is a GSD mix, I rescued from California 8 yrs ago. She has hip and elbow dysplasia and Panus in her eyes. I estimate her age at at least 9 or 10, maybe even 11. ....My Bouvier is 8 and I also have a 1 yr old GSD mix. I've had tons of experience over the yrs with arthritis and HD and DM in dogs.. Ive had Raven on Tramadol and an herbal Mega Joint supplement. I was giving her up to 4 Tramadol a day and she was limping and not doing well at all. Some days she'd need help to just get up and hobble outside..The Tramadol was not working..I was noticing Kody having a change in his gait and I wanted him on something for his joints too and something to prevent him from possibly getting Degenerative myelopathy. I've searched for years for anything for DM. There is just nothing out there for it.

Then I found that McDowells has a Degenerative myelopathy tincture!!! I purchased it and Prancing Pooch and in 14 days both these dogs are doing absolutely grrrrrreat!!!! It's actually now been 17 days... I've cut Ravens Tramadol down from 4 a day to NONE! She's no longer limping and wants to come with me to do my chores etc. when before she would just lay down and wait for me, the difference in her is amazing!! She's gone from barely being able to move to actually trying to run again!!... Kody is taking the Prancing Pooch and the DM tincture and he's running and acting like a silly pup again. At first I thought I'd have a problem getting them to take it..it smells like paprika or something, but I sprinkle a capfull on their food and they eat it no problem! Raven's always been a picky eater but she gobbles her dinner now! They seem to really like it! Some times I add an egg or a bit of water..or broth just so the powder sticks to the kibble and doesnt get left in the bottom of the bowl - I dont want to waste it!!

I thought no way this cant be working in 2 week - herbal products take longer....but WOW!! Its amazing! I wasn't sure whether to buy Prancing Pooch or Forever Young so I tried the Prancing Pooch first but I bet Forever Young is amazing too!!! I'm definately going to buy more... I just wish it came in bigger size. I've told so many rescue friends about it - my next order will be a big one!! I'm on a disability pension so I only was able to afford one..but want to definately try the Forever Young too but will be buying more Prancing Pooch! :)

P.S...My order arrived in Canada , at my door, from Australia, in 6 days too!!!

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